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wn large, airy room, and she nursed he▓r herself, with the assistance of one of our v▓ery good negro servants that papa sen●t down for that purpose, and who w▓as devoted and vigilant; and a●fter a long illness Della recovered.It was s●pring when she was able to leave the room.The d▓octor advised a sea-vo

yage for her, an▓d papa determined to take mamma and herself abr●oad.My mother’s eldest sister, Mrs.North, of▓fered to take the younger chil

dren, with t▓he nurse, Mary O’Shea, while t●hey were gone, to her home, Badwell,● Abbeville district, the original hom●e of mamma’s people.This was v▓ery good of Aunt

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Jane, as it was quite an ●undertaking, and for six months. I do ●not rememb

er the stay there with any pl▓easure, though my aunt and cousins were very▓ good to me.I was so miserable about those who▓ had crossed the ocean.I never expected to see ●them again.The only thing I re

member very c●learly was dreadful.There w●as a big boy there who used to tease me and lau▓gh at me.Aunt Jane’s coachman, Joe, a very● good

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man, was ill all summer, and I got i▓nto the habit of ask

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